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2015-08-09 12:54:53 by AntagonistDC

I'm originally from Youtube and now made a Newgrounds account. I'm not all that active here, but what makes me happy is knowing that people view my work whether they like it, or not. I also have a couple of more sites that I have accounts in, but youtube is the original site where I post my content. You may check them out as well if you like. I'm an animator and a 2D artist, but I'm originally a 2D artist, than an animator. I love to draw so I also have an DeviantArt account. The links are on my main page.


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2015-08-09 13:07:17

Welcome :)

You should make sure to upload your animations in various formats so they're compatible across all devices (like iPads). You can use Swivel. It's free!! (Created by Mike, a former NG employee).

Happy arting and animating! ;)

AntagonistDC responds:

Thanks, mate. I mostly prefer Youtube to post my content unfortunately, but I like to spread out into many websites as well.


2015-08-09 13:25:36

That's like saying "I only eat at the restaurants on Main Street." When there are dozens of other amazing places one or two streets over. Just think of all of the delectable delicacies you're miss out on!

The more you spread out, the more people you'll potentially reach.

Don't limit yourself!

AntagonistDC responds:

Well yeah. I agree. That's what I've said earlier. I was gonna spread to other sites along with my content in hopes of having people enjoy my work.