Update: One of my videos got taken down. Not surprising....

2015-09-24 14:12:46 by AntagonistDC

I uploaded a short booty bass music video and I just now found out that it's gone. I think most of the audiences, or voters in this site must be pre-dominately caucasoid, which explains why the video wasn't accepted. Not surprising at all. I've seen plenty of videos here that are 10x worse than my video, yet they get accepted and not mine?...Oh well....This is why I prefer Youtube, or Deviantart where it accepts any video and doesn't go by people's votes. However, I'm still willing to leave my remaining pics and videos out for display here, but don't expect much from me in this site anymore.  If anyone finds this message offensive, Oh well.... I'm just telling it like it is. Problem?....Get at me anytime.


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2015-09-26 04:06:59

Cordyceps... I gotta say that's just uncalled for. Not to mention your art isn't much better. Get back under your bridge, troll.