Does anybody know what song this is???

2017-07-09 23:03:42 by AntagonistDC

The link above is where I composed a song that I've been trying to look for for many years. It sounds no where close to the actual song, but it's close enough. I need help finding the song and I'd appreciate the help. Just let me know what it is. I wasn't sure if it was from a videogame, or not.

I'm making audio tracks.

2017-01-05 01:25:33 by AntagonistDC

I'm working on making 12 tracks. It's a lot better than today's bullshit that's for sure. I've been having musical ideas playing in my head for so long, so I decided to put it out on display

Do not stress over ratings

2016-07-07 02:46:49 by AntagonistDC

I came across a person here on this site who complained on why he/she get low ratings on his/her artwork, but I'd say fuck ratings, because at the end of the day, they're all based on personal opinions. I've seen artwork that's worse than mine, yet they get higher ratings than me, which is absurd, but that's just the way it is here on this site. Just keep doing what you love to do and not worry about what people think. I made a nude artwork of a copywritten character that I thought was bad in quality, but yet it still has a good rating, not because the art is good, but because it's a copywritten character. It's also good to strive to improve and practice so that you can look back at your old artwork and learn the flaws you made before. I've been looking over some artwork at portal and to me, it seems like if you have 100+ followers, you're more likely have high ratings anyway whether the artwork is appealing, or not.

According to Newgrounds, this >>>

Is better than this >>>


You see the bullshit?.....But yeah, this is why people shouldn't worry about ratings, but instead, worry about improving

I'm currently busy with some things so I can't do much, except make artwork for now. When I come back, I'm gonna be all out and do animations like never before! I'm also planning on making my own arcade animation game. That's coming up much much later.

This is one of sites I know that has the quickest responses to the artworks I post, which is awesome, because I actually had fun drawing some of my imagination whether it's sexual, horror, or just plain random. My most favorite artwork is drawing adult contents. I can't help it, because I'm able to be even more open minded with my perverted thoughts. I also have a deviantart account to post up more artworks that relates to other portions of my imagination. From now on, I'm using this site to post up my wild and explicit artworks, because they're too much for deviantart. The reason why I made this news is for a quick heads up for those who enjoy my art. There's more explicit shit coming up soon!

I was wondering if anyone with decent animation/sprite animation skills would want to do a parody video collaboration with me sometime in the future. I like the idea of having different animations from different people in one video. I'm currently busy right now, but I'll try to fit in my piece whenever I get the chance. I'll be sure to use my full effort into my work, but lets not forget that I have fun drawing women. Sorry. I can't help it.

Update: Tch.....Look what we have here....

2015-09-27 18:34:46 by AntagonistDC

I found out that my latest video has been accepted. What a big surprise......I still think the reviewers in this site are a joke, because they allow shitty animations here, yet they take one of my videos down, which was 10x better than the videos they accept, like that "Kitty Crew" bullshit. I have no problem with newgrounds, it's the reviewers on here that are unfair and make the website seem like it suck. Anyway, I guess I'll be off now. Maybe someday, I'll upload more hot dancing ebony babes. I don't know why, but I actually had fun making sexy videos. I'm currently making more cool pictures in Deviantart, so check those out if you're interested.



Update: On Second Thought......

2015-09-26 05:43:33 by AntagonistDC

On second thought, I'll try and upload one last video here before I leave newgrounds alone for a long while and hopefully it gets accepted. If it doesn't get accepted, then the voters in newgrounds are a complete joke. Like I've said before, I've seen WORSE ANIMATIONS here that doesn't make sense and looks as if a 4 year old did the animation, yet they're still accepted into this site. Since people here are so critical about people's animation skills, I'll wait and see what'll happen after I upload another video with at least HALF MY EFFORT PUT INTO IT now. This time it'll be another loop video. And yes, It'll be another booty bass music video. Sorry, I can't help it. I like big butts and I cannot lie.

Update: One of my videos got taken down. Not surprising....

2015-09-24 14:12:46 by AntagonistDC

I uploaded a short booty bass music video and I just now found out that it's gone. I think most of the audiences, or voters in this site must be pre-dominately caucasoid, which explains why the video wasn't accepted. Not surprising at all. I've seen plenty of videos here that are 10x worse than my video, yet they get accepted and not mine?...Oh well....This is why I prefer Youtube, or Deviantart where it accepts any video and doesn't go by people's votes. However, I'm still willing to leave my remaining pics and videos out for display here, but don't expect much from me in this site anymore.  If anyone finds this message offensive, Oh well.... I'm just telling it like it is. Problem?....Get at me anytime.


2015-08-09 12:54:53 by AntagonistDC

I'm originally from Youtube and now made a Newgrounds account. I'm not all that active here, but what makes me happy is knowing that people view my work whether they like it, or not. I also have a couple of more sites that I have accounts in, but youtube is the original site where I post my content. You may check them out as well if you like. I'm an animator and a 2D artist, but I'm originally a 2D artist, than an animator. I love to draw so I also have an DeviantArt account. The links are on my main page.